Author Topic: Walmart listed The World Cheapest Android Smartphone Costs Less than $10  (Read 284 times)

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Emerging markets like India and China are well known for its cheap Android handsets, but even there you can't find smartphones priced at less than $10.

US-based retailer Walmart has done the unthinkable and added the cheapest Android smartphone known to date, to its portfolio.

The Lucky LG16 is now listed at Walmart for a price of $9.82. The only problem is that it's out of stock for the moment, probably due to the high demand.

We're not sure whether or not Walmart is heavily subsidizing this device, but it's not the first time the retailer sells such cheap smartphones. The Sunrise LG15 was on sale at Walmart a while ago.

These TracFone LG handsets sell as prepaid, so there are no strings attached. Since the Lucky LG16 is now out of stock, you can register your email address to get in-stock alerts when the phone becomes available once again.

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