Author Topic: None of the girls on Tinsel can seduce me - Nollywood star ReVEALED  (Read 180 times)

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Nollywood actor, Victor Olaotan, has stated that he can never be caught messing around with girls when he has a wife at home.

The thespian, who used to feature in the TV series, ?Tinsel,? told that he is still in love with his woman and cannot allow any form of temptations come between them.

According to him, ?I keep away from such temptations because of my Christian life. I even know some women in the industry who are very disciplined.?

Speaking further on his love life, he recounted, ?A lady walked up to me at the airport one day and asked to have my number. When I asked her what for, she said ?I want to be one of your girls?. I said I don?t have girls. The only girls I have are my daughters.

?I worked with Tinsel for seven years and I never messed around. Some of the girls on set could even come and sit on my laps, but I have never fallen for anyone of them,? Olaotan added.

On why he left the TV soap opera, the actor explained, ?Towards the end, I found out that the company was not taking care of us like they should. We were contractors and we didn?t get any bonus.

?I expected that we should be able to live in big houses and drive in nice cars and these were our demands.?