Author Topic: How to fix Iphone could not sign in error after upgrade to IOS 9.1 or Later  (Read 462 times)

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With the latest release of Iphone ios 9.0, and 9.01,ios 9.1 or later, many users have been having hard times trying to set up there iphones after updating.

Some updated their phones to ios 9 or later but they cannot complete the install/ configuration because the login fails every time. At first, they will think they had the wrong password, so they will change there password, , but that wont help. Then they will think maybe the Wifi was not working and they will try 3G network but still the same error,.

Some even try to create a new account and that didn't work.

Well, here is a simple fix, first once you get to the setup pr sign in stage, enter your apple ID and correct password, then it will authenticate the show a message that could not sign in, what you should do next is scroll down, and

1) Hit the "Don't have apple ID" just  below the password bar.

2)And there should be an option to continue without apple ID

3) hit  "configure later in settings"

then you should be good to go, now it should take you to your home page, you can then sign in via settings - General- itune &app store.
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