Author Topic: Nigerian Controversial singer and nudist, Maheeda tells fans -I Love Being Naked  (Read 174 times)

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Controversial singer and nudist, Maheeda, has again stated that she finds joy in indecency and talking about s*x.

In an Instagram post she wrote that showing off her body and talking about s*x are things she loves doing which have brought her success in her life.
?I know I go unclad, I know I act very naughty, I know I love and love to talk about s*x a lot, I know I love to dress sexy and show off my body, I know I love to entertain people in any way I can , I know I love to make people happy, I know I love to help people with my life experiences, I know I love people , I know I love Me?? As soon as I stated paying attention and doing those things I love very well , I stated seeing great success in all areas of my life??..? she wrote.
?My advice is, you can make a living doing what you don?t like, but you will make a fortune doing what you love doing , just do it very well? Good morning.. There is nothing like devil blessed the farmer , whatever you sow you will reap ?.? she further wrote.
Last week Maheeda announced that she has invested in a restaurant. Today (October 21), she revealed the name of the restaurant as ?Robust?.