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Author Topic: 7 great Ways to Reduce Website Bounce Rate for higher Ranking &More Web Visitors  (Read 448 times)

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The core idea behind lowering bounce rate is to engage your visitor and encourage him to explore your blog. I am going to tell you a few tips on how this could be achieved ?but of course the most important thing is to have interesting and quality content.

The more interesting and useful would be the content; the more would be chances that visitor will go on digging deeper into your website. So, no matter what; you must first of all focus on good quality material

      1. Interlink Your Posts/Content

You should not forget what you?ve already posted on your blog. While publishing a new post, look for avenues to interlink the new post with the already published material. This helps visitors to gain more insight into the topic of your new post. Caveat is, as usual, don?t overdo it. You must link relevant content otherwise you may run the risk of irritating your valued visitor!

      2. Split Content

If your post is long enough, you can afford to split it into multiple pages This will cause visitor to go through more than one page and therefore will reduce the bounce rate. This trick however has its own share of problems./ Your content should really be long enough to qualify for split. If you try to split small amount of content then each of the resulting pages will get even smaller amount of content. This can harm the overall value of your post in search engine?s eyes. So, don?t be greedy ?use this tip sparingly and
only when you really have large amount of content.

      3. Show Similar Posts

You should show links of similar posts somewhere on your blog. These posts /should have significant similarity/ with the current post. The idea is to offer the visitor more content that could be of taste to him.
There are several plugins out there to easily display similar posts. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is
very popular and a good plugin for WordPress.

Although, these plugins are fairly flexible as to where you want to place them ?but putting related content links at the end of the post
serves the purpose pretty well enough.

      4. Use Sidebar to Highlight Interesting Content

Most bloggers use sidebar just for traditional widgets like subscription, social  media channels, and introduction stuff etc. But sidebar is a place that can also be used for highlighting what?s most interesting in your blog. This will attract visitors because sidebar remains more or less constant throughout the blog. You can show images along with such post links to catch even more eyeballs.

      5. Use Popular Content Widget

This is another way of highlighting what is trending on your blog. Such widgets are available aplenty for all major blog platforms
(like WordPress, Blogger etc.) These widgets show top posts based on the number of views. This method is a bit different from the the above mentioned Highlight Interesting Content. In highlighting ?you can select what to highlight.
But popular content widgets automatically show the trending content. Highlight method gives you more flexibility and you can also use it for promoting posts that have not been doing good on their own. Needless to say, content of these
posts has to be interesting!

      6. Do Not Open External Links in Same Window

While giving links to other websites, you should make sure that these links open in a new window or tab (use /target=?_blank?/). Opening such links in the same window will take the visitor away from your blog and possibility of his pressing Back button is very low. Internet users flow with the information. They pretty much suffer with ?wilfing? (What was I looking for?!)

      7. Speed-up the Loading Time

You should take measures to reduce the load time of your blog. A slow
loading website is something that makes bouncing a certainty. Different
websites have different load times depending upon the kind and amount of
content it offers. But, trust me, you can always do something to
speed-up your blog. Just look for what is causing slowness.


It is important for any serious blogger to reduce bounce rate to as low
as possible. However, one must not go overboard in playing tricks as it
may spoil the whole dish. This article explained all about bounce rate.



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