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Author Topic: How to Get List of URL Pages Indexed by Google for tracking traffic and search  (Read 75 times)

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This Method shows How to Get List of URL Pages Indexed by Google for tracking traffic and search .The results will contain all the naijacrux (or your website) pages from Google?s index.

The first page, as usual, will have 10 results and then you can go
through result pages to view more pages.

This method is okay if your website has a few pages. But *if your
website boasts of hundreds or thousands of pages* ?the above method will
be difficult to use.

Moreover, *some SEO tools require a URL list to operate upon*. Preparing such a list by
copying indexed addresses from returned results is going to be very
taxing. So, I am presenting a simpler solution here.

*STEP 1:* Log into your Google account and then go to Google Drive.

*STEP 2:* Create a new spreadsheet.

*STEP 3:* Paste the following function in first cell:

=importXml("You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login","//cite")

Of course, you must *replace naijacrux.com with your domain name

This will fetch the first 100 URLs from search results of
/site:naijacrux.com/. These URLs will get populated in the spreadsheet.

*STEP 4:* Now place the cursor in cell number A101 and paste the above
function again after changing /start/ param from 1 to 101

Repeat the fourth step for as long as you need to. Every time you?ll get
100 URLs. Don?t be greedy by changing /num=100/ to /num=1000/ ? this
will not work because Google does not return more than 100 results in
one go.

I hope this will help you.