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Author Topic: Doctors Reportedly Find Dead Fetus Inside the Stomach of a 4-Year-Old Boy  (Read 148 times)

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When pulled from the child's abdomen, the fetus was dead. Still, the doctors who were involved in the intervention describe it as having a partially formed head, hands, legs and even nails at the end of its fingers and toes.

In a way, the boy was born pregnant

The surgeons who handled this case believe the lifeless fetus they recovered from the 4-year-old's stomach was the boy's twin. They suspect that, while they were still in the womb next to each other, the boy likely engulfed his sibling.

Enveloped in its brother's developing body, the fetus stopped growing. However, it didn't go away. So, in a way, the 4-year-old boy, whose identity hasn't yet been disclosed, was born pregnant with his twin.

For the first few years of his life, the boy was healthy, and so nobody realized that he was carrying his sibling in his stomach. It was only when he started experiencing intense pains and was taken to the hospital that the dead fetus was found.

The surgery to remove the lifeless twin from the boy's abdomen lasted several hours. Medical experts say that, for now, the boy is doing well. Specialists will keep a close eye on him for a few more days, but he should recover just fine, Mirror reports.


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