Author Topic: Smartphones can rot brain and kill memories ,People now think less,use internet  (Read 230 times)

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An over-reliance on mobile devices and the internet has led to us using our brains far less than our ancestors, which greatly impacts our ability to create and store long-term memories, psychology experts and a security firm are warning.

Think about how many phone numbers you know today, and how many you used to know 15 years ago. If you grew up before mobile phones became mainstream, you probably knew your home phone number, those of a few of your closest friends, and probably the number to reach a family member at work.

You could probably also recite your home address off by heart, and you might still remember the address of your childhood home. But what about nowadays? Security firm Kaspersky Lab says too many people are handing over important information such as this over to their devices to remember instead.

36% of consumers use the internet rather than figure out the answer themselves

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