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Author Topic: Google declares war on ad injectors, Introduced automated filter in bid Manager  (Read 157 times)

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Google's advertising division announced they plan to crack down on ad injectors after they've received over 300,000 complaints from Chrome users and online advertisers this year alone.

Google's AdWords program was started in 2000, but it was not the first of its kind. Previous online advertising existed many years before, and so did ad injectors.

If the term is new to you, an ad injector is a technique through which malicious actors replace ads on existing pages with their own or load new ads in places where they did not previously exist.

For many years, ad injectors have been distributed via browser toolbars, but in recent years, their owners started bundling them with browser extensions.

While at first ad injectors were used solely for monetary gains, in recent years, cyber-security firms have seen a rise of ad injection scripts being used to distribute malware.

To counteract the damages ad injectors are doing, Google has finally announced some protection measures, a new automated filter in DoubleClick Bid Manager, which will remove ad impressions generated by ad injectors.

Advertisers don't need to change any settings, and this filter will automatically remove ads that ad injectors have compromised in the past to serve their own advertising instead.

Currently, Google is reporting that 1.4% of the ads from its DoubleClick Bid Manager repository have been banned for suspicions of ad injections since the new filter was turned on a few weeks back.