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Author Topic: How to Make Windows 10 Start Menu runs Faster  (Read 405 times)

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How to Make Windows 10 Start Menu runs Faster
« on: September 01, 2015, 06:36:11 PM »

The new windows 10 start menu seems slow on some systems according to various reports. you can make yours run faster by....

1 ? Disable Start menu animations

First and foremost, the animations that Microsoft introduced in Windows 10 make the Start menu feel somewhat slower, simply because before actually opening the Start menu, the operating system needs to render this animation.

So disabling these animations is the way to go. Unfortunately, these visual effects are OS dependent, which means that once you turn them off, you disable all animations in Windows 10. And yet, if you're ready to make this compromise, go over to the next path and disable the option that says ?Play animations in Windows.?

Settings > Ease of Access > Other options > Play animations in Windows

2 ? Disable web search in the Start menu

Whenever you start typing in the Start menu, Windows 10 triggers the same behavior as in Windows 8.1, so it launches the search feature and looks for information both online and offline as you type.

Obviously, searching the web could take a second or two, depending on your Internet connection, so turning this feature off could come in handy.

To do that, click on the search icon in your taskbar, hit the settings icon in the left menu and disable the feature reading ?Search online and include web results.? This also helps protect your privacy, as you can read below the option, because Microsoft collects some information to improve its services.

3 ? Choose indexing options

The search feature comes with another option that could slow down the Start menu when searching. By default, the search feature integrated into Windows 10 indexes all files on your PC, so imagine that when you perform a search, it looks on your entire hard drive and online to find your results.

If you don't want to search specific folders or drives on your PC, click the Start menu and type ?Indexing options.?

Here you are allowed to choose which folders you want to be indexed and which not. Hit the modify button at the bottom of the screen and pick the locations you want to index.

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