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Author Topic: Mom and Daughter reportedly Spent $86,000 (?76,243) on Matching Plastic Surgery  (Read 1194 times)

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Kayla is 20 years old and, at 17, she got her start as an exotic dancer so she could fund surgical interventions both for herself and for her mother. Later on, presumably after she became of legal age, she also got a ?sugar daddy? who paid for the both of them.

Their interview with New Dog Media (see below) is getting a lot of attention online, both in the local and international media, for very simple reasons: not only do they look the exact opposite of natural (or of Katie Price, for that matter), but they also sound completely delusional.

Rumor has it they spent about $86,000 (?76,243) on plastic surgery that includes Botox, fillers in the cheeks, breast jobs, semi-permanent makeup, and lip-injections. They also got teeth whitening and hair extensions, to look as their idol, of whom they speak using adjectives like ?perfect.?

Their plans include even more plastic surgery: both women want even bigger breasts and even bigger lips, even though Kayla can hardly speak anymore. They also want to get butt lifts and fat displacement.



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