Author Topic: Google Rolls Out Tweets Indexing in Its Search Results  (Read 188 times)

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Google Rolls Out Tweets Indexing in Its Search Results
« on: August 22, 2015, 12:40:32 PM »

This is not the first time Google is experimenting with tweets in its search results, but this time, instead of links to the tweet page, Google is actually showing the entire tweet, with links, hashtags, images, and videos, right in the search results, and sometimes right at the top, not somewhere buried in the bottom of a page like before.
From the mobile apps to the desktop

This change was first spotted in the wild back in May, when Google added it to its Android and iOS mobile apps, but now the company has made it official, launching the same feature for the main Google desktop website as well.

The tweets displayed in the search results aren't highlighted using cards like the company has been doing for a while for various technologies, famous people, and companies, but the tweets are displayed using a side-scrolling carousel, which allows a user to view more tweets by pressing the left/right arrows.

The most recent tweets are shown by default, and sometimes the tweet carousel may be down the page if other search results are deemed more important.

To test out the new Twitter search results integration, you can search for something like "Softpedia Twitter" and see how they are displayed.


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