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Author Topic: Dr. Dre Apologize for Beating Up Women Years Ago  (Read 241 times)

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Dr. Dre Apologize for Beating Up Women Years Ago
« on: August 22, 2015, 12:30:45 PM »

Even though he never addressed the claims directly in the media, Dre?s history of violence towards women is well known. Through the years, 3 women have come forward to speak of the abuse they sustained at his hands, one of them being his former girlfriend and mother of his son, Michel?le.

The other is hip-hop journalist Dee Barnes, and the other is a former labelmate who dared to record a song dissing him, Tairrie B.

The details paint Dre as a very impulsive and violent man, one who would not hesitate to beat a woman to a bloody pulp even in public, if he considered she deserved it.

Dee Barnes was thrown against walls and through a door, and kicked in the ribs several times, after being knocked down by punches, because a segment that upset Dre had been included in the show she was hosting at the time. This hadn?t even been her decision (but her producer?s), but Dre considered she had betrayed him and proceeded to punish her accordingly.

Michel?le said she suffered many broken ribs, broken noses and black eyes during her time with Dre, but she never filed charges because that wasn?t part of the culture she?d been brought up in. The abuse got so bad that she came to believe that a man who didn?t beat her up didn?t love her.

Tairrie B was knocked down by several punches to the eyes and mouth at a 1990 Grammys afterparty. Dre had signed her to his label and had asked her to record a particular song he had prepared to her. She found it offensive and came up with her own version of it, which she laid down. It included a diss at his expense, so he simply walked up to her at the party, punched her senseless and left.
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