Author Topic: Google begins Indexing Images from Online PDF Files  (Read 203 times)

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Google begins Indexing Images from Online PDF Files
« on: August 12, 2015, 08:59:57 AM »

In the last few days, Google Image Search results have started showing photos contained in PDF files.

The change in search results was first noticed by Alex Chitu, expert on everything Google, and later confirmed to Search Engine Land by a company representative.

According to the Google staffer, the new update was first added to the Google Image Search engine in June and relies on the same OCR technology the company first premiered back in 2008, allowing it to index the content of PDF files in its normal Web search results.

Practically, any image in your Web-accessible PDF files that the Googlebot can reach will now also show up in image searches.

To prevent your PDF files from being crawled, don't forget to add them to your robots.txt file, or just take them offline if they contain sensitive material.

This new update brings changes to the image search layout as well, as the company replacing the old "Visit page" and "View image" buttons with a new one saying "View PDF."

Pressing this button automatically opens the PDF in question, but unfortunately, it doesn't open the file at the page on which the image is located, but at its top.

To see the new PDF image results in action, here's a sample query to play with.


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