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"Do not speak of such things -- it frightens me. It is bad luck to talk about such things." Say this for this reason: the Christians have their spies everywhere. These spies have been
known to talk as if they were drawn to the Craft and as if they would want to come to our meetings, and they say such things as, "My fathers and forefathers worshipped the Old Ones, and my mother; I
would like to worship in this way myself." To all of these, tell them that you do not know what they are talking about, and that you wish they would stop. But to others, say,
"It is silly to talk about Witches flying around in the air; they would have to be lighter than feathers or thistle-down. Besides, everyone knows that Witches are all bleary-eyed old hags;
what fun could they possibly have at their meetings, and why should I want to participate? And besides, you know we were taught in school that there are no such things as Witches."
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Author Topic: Google,Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo Join Efforts to Fight Pornography  (Read 382 times)

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The five companies are partnering with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), which will provide access to its database of child pornography images.

Using a technology developed by Google engineers, with contributions from Microsoft, the companies will be extracting a digital fingerprint for each image in the IWF database, and will use it to prevent their users from uploading and sharing such images any further.
Child pornography images will be blocked using a database of image hashes

This digital fingerprint, commonly referred to as an image hash, or hash value, is unique to each image and has also been used in the past by the aforementioned companies to allow copyright owners to report and take down their content from the Web.

Now the same technology used by RIAA and the MPAA will be put to use for a better cause and help Web companies fight users who are daily flooding the Web with images of abused children.

Only the five companies have expressed their interest in implementing this system, but as word gets out, more and more will probably want to join.

All five companies are also members of the Internet Watch Foundation, along with Apple, AOL, Cisco, Dropbox, GoDaddy, OpenDNS, Sophos, Symantec, Tumblr, and many other more.

If initial tests go well, don't be surprised if more of them join the first five later on.
500 websites containing child pornography taken down each day

According to The Telegraph, IWF is boasting that it manages to take down around 500 websites containing child pornography and abuse each day, with at least one per day containing thousands of images.

The foundation has been able to achieve this through its database of image hashes, which will now be used by more powerful players like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and prevent those images from ever reaching a search engine's results.



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