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Author Topic: Intel rolled out new BIOS versions for its desktop board models &computer sticks  (Read 330 times)

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Intel has just rolled out several new BIOS versions developed for its STCK1A8LFC and STCK1A32WFC compute sticks, as well as for some desktop board models, which implement a new security enhancement solution and other changes.

Specifically speaking, the producer has provided the 0025 BIOS suitable for the aforementioned compute stick, and BIOS version 0130, 0457, and 0330 targeted at its DB85FL, DZ87KLT-75, and DH87RL desktop boards, respectively.

Moreover, DQ77CP and DQ77MK owners also benefit from an update compatible with their devices, namely Intel?s 0071 BIOS package.

When it comes to changes, besides the new security improvements, desktop boards also receive a fix regarding the bug that prevented popup menu from showing devices, while Intel?s compute sticks get updated processor support, a new TXE firmware version (, and more.

These devices also benefit, via BIOS 0025, from an updated GOP version (7.2.1013), fixes for the USB boot option that was still displayed even if it was disabled from BIOS setup, as well as from an additional warning message in the event the Compute Stick is powered via USB port.

In addition to that, flashing version 0025 will also make Select Operating System feature display Windows 8.1/10 in the BIOS setup menu, and fix the problem where system cannot enter BIOS if ?UEFI Firmware Settings? are used from WinRE.

As for installation, make sure that you are familiar with all steps, as failing to perform this task might lead to serious malfunctions or even render the device unusable.

That being said, from the links below, follow the one that best describes your product model, carefully apply the new BIOS on it, and constantly check our website in order to be up to speed with the latest releases.
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