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Author Topic: US Scientists Demonstrate Wireless Brain Control with implantable device  (Read 277 times)

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A team of scientists at Washington University and the University of Illinois in the US used a novel implantable device to control the behavior of laboratory mice from afar.

The remote-operated device, described in a paper in the journal Cell, was used to deliver drugs or to shine light on neurons in the rodents' brain. In response to these stimuli, the rodents displayed very specific behaviors.

On one occasion, the device was used to coax the mice into walking in circles. This was achieved by injecting a drug similar to morphine in a region of the brain known to be involved in addiction and motivation.

In another experiment, the rodents were commanded to remain on just one side of their cage by shining laser pulses on light-sensitive neurons in their brain. The mind control was achieved from 3 feet (nearly 1 meter) away.


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