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Author Topic: How to know if your website is being indexed by Google - Website traffic tricks  (Read 515 times)

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Before Visitors and customers can discover your website in Google Search Engine, you need to ensure it is indexed first, otherwise it won?t be appear in the Search Engine Result Page.This is very important because if you have a qaulity content, and google indexed it, you can possibly outrank your competitor and google will push your website to first page and that simply means you will be getting unlimited website traffic from searchers who use google daily.

There are several ways to check if your website is being indexed by google and other search engines.The best way to check your Google Index Status is by using Google Webmaster Tools as you can get this information straight out the box. In order to do this you must have added your website in the dashboard and verified the ownership.
There is also another way to check if your website hasn?t been indexed at all just using Google Web Serch page, which I am going to explain too.

How to check the Indexed Status with Google Webmaster Tools

You just need to open your Dashboard and select on your left side bar: Google Index then Index Status.
Google Webmaster Tools Index Status

Once you click on Index Status, you will be able to know the number of pages currently indexed by Google like in the image below.

Google index status: number of pages indexed. In this example is 374

If the number of Total Indexed is zero, your website is not currently indexed by Google, so you have to further investigate. Don?t worry, I will provide you with some hints in the next section as well as you can contact me if you require assistance.

If you see a number greater than zero, it means that your website is indexed. Furthermore, it is a best practice to analyze this number: Infact you have to check if the number of indexed pages is fair with the total amount of unique pages your website has published online. To do this you can click on the tab Advanced and select Ever crawled and Blocked by robots. You will be able to read the number of pages ever crawled or eventually blocked by your robot.txt. Also in the Crawl section of your dashboard, using sitemaps and Crawl errors you are able to see issues that might not allow Google from crawling some pages your website.

Why has my website not been indexed by Google yet?

If the Index number is zero, the following is a comprehensive list of common reasons, applied to all new websites:

    Your website doesn?t have a Sitemap or you haven?t submitted yet to Google: In Webmaster Tools, go to Crawl , Sitemaps and select ADD Sitemap. You can create a Sitemap following the detailed instruction by or using a plug-in to create one. The second option is more simple and efficient. If you use WordPress you can read this list of top 5 Free Plug-ins I recommend to install in your website.

    If you submitted a Sitemap to Google, you should be able to see its status in Crawl ? Sitemap. Check if there is an error or warning message.

    You have submitted a website that contains just spam, low quality content (really bad quality), stolen content, etc. Google decided to not index your website because it doesn?t bring any helpful contribution to their Community.
    Your robots.txt file is blocking your website from being crawled. Check any options related to ?Privacy? or ?Discourage Search Enging to crawl this website?

in your CMS settings or ensure that your robots.txt file doesn?t contain unespected Disallow: words.

How to check if your website is not indexed at all

Do a manual search on Google: Type in the following text, like the one attached with this post
where is your website domain. Here an example for my website:

If your website is not indexed, you shouldn?t see any of your webpages in the SERP.

Note- To get quality traffic and google index fast. Post quality fresh and unique contents that visitors will be interested in. first do a keyword research o what is trending and post something related to that.once you outrank your competitors,your website is on its way to unlimited traffic.

also link to top websites and forums like , warrior forum, forum digital among others.

create polls and contest to keep visitors coming.

share free digital useful stuffs.
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