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Author Topic: President Buhari weeps as Boko Haram murder 450 in 40 days  (Read 202 times)

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Since President Muhammadu Buhari's inaguration on May 29th, the questions on the lips of Nigerians was, 'Will the ex-general stamp out the Boko Haram menace that troubled the Goodluck Jonathan administration, so much that Nigerian territories were captured?'

In the  inaugural speech of President Muhammadu Buhari on May 29, 2015, he promised to stamp out Boko Haram, but many knew that it was not going to be an easy ride.

Fast-foward, 40 days later about 450 people have been killed.

Was his diatribe on the terrorists and his renewed pledge to route the insurgents mere bravado; a politically-right outing to woo everyone as the messiah?

Or is it too early? I mean 40 days out of a 4-year-term, is it not too early?

While the PDP have been quick to point out that Buhari has not lived up to his promises of wiping out Boko Haram, The APC quickly suggested that it was too early to gain total victory over the insurgents.

Many of the residents who may have been inspired by the president?s speech to return to the war ravaged village of the North-East, especially in Borno State, only to narrowly escape renewed violence may be wondering if Buhari spoke in good faith.

I'm sure the ex-president will be sitting somewhere nodding his head saying 'Everybody can you see it was not easy fighting Boko Haram'

But those who still have faith in the president are wont to argue that it is too early to expect the man to wipe out a six-year-old orgy of murder in less than two months. They are likely also going to argue that those in opposition to the ruling APC are using the tragedy for political advantage. Ironically, it was the inability of the last government to cage Boko Haram that helped to swing winning votes in favour of the former, the opposition APC.

Meanwhile, there is no running from the fact that eradicating Boko Haram within the days that Buhari has been in power would be too ambitious a project in scope and content given what the President met on ground.

The most worrying factor, however, is that instead of ebbing, the deaths and destruction caused by Boko Haram seem to be galloping compared to the pre-May 29 era.

This is despite the moving of the military command to Maiduguri, Borno State capital and epicentre of the violence which has so far claimed estimated 100,000 lives since the move by Boko Haram to declare Nigeria an Islamic Caliphate started in 2009.

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