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Author Topic: Ultraviolet light can destroy DNA of Bacteria and also kills it- expert  (Read 366 times)

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Ultraviolet light is no joke. In fact is so influential that you could call it God.

Ultraviolet light helped make humans and animals being vertebrates by strengthening vitamin D. It helps your immunity system by helping your skin cope with bacteria better, we'll return to bacteria right away, and it gives you a nice healthy tan, if you don't abuse it.
However, as most things that help you in life it also kills you. If it wasn't for the heavily ionized upper atmosphere in our sky we would've been dead as it would have destroyed our DNA when we were just mushy little bacterias ourselves in the general planetary pond.

And this is where it excels at destroying other, more primitive creatures DNAs instead of ours.

By replicating and toning down the Ultraviolet light we managed to sterilize ourselves, however, just like in the real life, too much exposure will harm us.

As a result, a new type of light fixture called Indigo Clean has been created that is able to wipe out those dangerous pathogens while still being safe for patients and caregivers. Developed by University of Strathclyde Glasgow, the light looks like any overhead lighting, but when it's switched on it emits high-intensity narrow spectrum, or HINS, at a wavelength of 405 nanometers, outside of the ultraviolet range that typically harms humans.

Being harmless for humans but still strong enough for surrounding bacterias, the warmer blue color will start a chemical chain reaction in their DNA that stops their growth, prevents their reproduction and ultimately kills them.

Amazingly this simple switch flipping technology will almost immediately disinfect an entire room, making it perfectly habitable for the mysophobe in us.



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