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7 Latest Free Android Games to Download
« on: July 04, 2015, 04:34:36 PM »
Another list of the Latest Free Android Games on our favorite mobile platform.

There is no limit for having fun on android devices with plenty of amazing gaming titles available to choose. Each week we round up a bunch of high-quality latest free android games for you to enjoy your leisure. Whether you are looking for some cute puzzles or want to get some action movements, this list definitely worth checking out.

Let?s Download 7 Latest Free Android Games which recently arrived on play stores:

click here to download Magic Rampage (FREE)

8.5Magic Rampage is a platform game that combines the role with the hack ?n? slash. You can explore dungeons full of bloodthirsty and menacing creatures, customize your character, collect new weapons and armor, loot gold, face obstacles and discover secret areas in this beautiful game. Customize your character to your complete liking and hit levels that find obstacles and enemies, ideal for those nostalgic of the 16-bits.

click here to download Dawn Of The Sniper (FREE)

8.4Dawn of the Sniper is a game of zombies but it looks away from the usual games in this genre. You are a sniper, and you have to protect survivors from the threat of undead with your rifle in a funny 2D setting. It has customization options, the difficulty increases throughout the game.

click to download SBK15 Official Mobile Game (FREE)

8.3If you?re addicted to motorbikes and speed, you can not miss the official game of the World Superbike Championship: a game for Android that seeks bring the same experiences, with the names and official marks championship. Join the fight in 2015 Eni FIM Superbike World Championship 2015: choose the bike of your dreams of the best brands in the world and salt to the track! It has different control modes, improved gameplay, dynamic lighting, recorded live sounds, etc.

Click to download Into The Circle (FREE)

8.5Into the Circle is a very simple game for Android where you have to throw a ball through a circle. You have to decide the direction and power of the ball so that it falls within the circle. Simplicity to power: if it falls out, you lose; if it falls within, you go ahead. Yes, you have some other power-ups to continue, although we recommend that you save it for the advanced levels, which are quite complicated.

Click to download SONIC RUNNERS (FREE)

7.2Sonic Runners is a new sonic game for mobile devices. It is an endless runner, 2D side scrolling and free-to-play, created exclusively for mobile devices by the Sonic Team. Together with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, you have to compete in a challenging world without end where you will move at high speed collecting rings and gems, avoiding the enemies coming from all directions.

Click to download Chronology ? Time changes? (FREE)

8.3Chronology for Android is an indie game that involves making various puzzles to complete phases. This game allows a charismatic old man traveling into the past and into the future to solve the puzzles that lie ahead. The look of the game brings all the quality seen on PC to your phone screen, with beautiful scenery and fine works.

Click to download TransPlan (FREE)

8.2Transplant is a game where you need to solve a series of problems posed by the scenario. Your mission is to bring a blue pad up it couple, but for this it is necessary to remove obstacles on the path and use the features of the environment to your advantage.

That?s all folks, probably you have already started to download 10 Latest Free Android Games Download.
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