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Apple Watch to get Native Apps with new Watch OS
« on: June 09, 2015, 05:05:33 PM »
Apple has announced that the Apple Watch will get native apps with a new Watch OS update and a new Apple Watch SDK.

It is set to improve one of the biggest problems with the current Apple Watch(es) ? it is devilishly slow to load apps sometime. The reason for this is that none of the apps actually run on the Watch itself. Everything is booted and processed on the iPhone and any information needed is sent via Bluetooth to the Watch.

Apple also announced that developers will be able to create new complications for Apple Watch faces, which will allow them to include a wide range of information in the watch face. The Watch faces are pretty great already, so it will be interesting to see what interesting combinations developers come up with.

Developers will be provided with a software development kit (SDK) containing the new tools, as well as new code that will let them build apps that exploit more Watch features, like the digital crown, the microphone, and the speaker. This should also cut down on lag on the Watch.

We?re happy to see some improvements for the Apple Watch, as it is definitely still a first generation product with much need for improvement.


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