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Author Topic: 5 Reasons Why Paid Employment is Unhealthy  (Read 923 times)

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5 Reasons Why Paid Employment is Unhealthy
« on: January 01, 2015, 01:47:19 PM »

For most people, the prospect of getting a job after graduation from College is usually appealing. Some even go ahead and acquire higher degrees so that they could land themselves better paying jobs than their contemporaries.

As good as these desires appear, the truth is, paid employment affects one?s health in a number of ways. Five of such ways are:

(1) Trading time for money: In paid employment, one trades or spends time working for money. The implication of this is that one has to wake up very early (usually between 5a.m. and 6a.m. at worst), work all day and close late. This is an addition to the stress of commuting through rush hour traffic.

Research has shown that people are stressed more when they wake up earlier than waking up later. We all know too well the very unhealthy effects of stress ? it is known worldwide as a severe killer disease.

(2) Financial Stress: when you work for money, one of the biggest problems you face is how to plan and manage your finances. Now because financial literacy is not taught at school, majority of employees struggle with salaries they earn to pay bills, living paycheck to paycheck and they are always in a financial stress.

For those who are married, the responsibilities that come with being married could worsen the situation if not handled well. Finance has also been traced to be the biggest cause of divorce amongst married couples. A broken relationship with a loved one could leave one emotionally devastated most times.

(3) Heart Attacks: again, research has shown that most employees who suffer Heart Attacks had them on Monday mornings. When asked the cause, they simply responded that they were unhappy coming to work after the weekend. Obviously, their minds had been filled with worries associated with paid employment over a long period of time and the day of the Heart Attack is a peak effect of the previous stresses accumulated over time.

Unfortunately too, some people in paid employment also have to work weekends because their employers asked them to come and very few others come on weekends just to make ends meet. The effect of this all week work situation on one?s health is better imagined because medical findings have recommended a 40-hour maximum work week for humans, that is, not more than 8 hours a day for 5 days only.

(4) Office Politics: About 3% of the world?s working population earn 96% of the world?s income through their private businesses. On the other hand, the remaining 97% of the world?s working population are in paid employment struggling to earn just 4% of the income available to their group.

We are equally familiar with the high unemployment rate in the labour market the world over. As a result of this oversupply of labour in the paid employment market, many employees in trying to protect their jobs engage in back biting, mudslinging, bitter rancour all in a bid to impress their employers and destroy their colleagues, subordinates, and at times superiors too.

When you have an unresolved strained relationship with a person or persons, it could lead to illnesses in one?s body that can only be healed after reconciliation with those we quarrel with.

We may recall such occasions when we felt pain in our heart once we sight someone we had an unresolved quarrel with in the office. Unfortunately, this could go on and on, forcing illnesses on us that are more psychological than physical and leaving us wondering why we feel so sickly.

(5) Fear of Poverty and the Unknown: this is one of the major reasons people remain in paid employment for so, so long. Most people see paid employment as more secure than business and so they are more willing to remain in a job than risk being on their own.

However, if you happen to work in an organization that was once doing well and is now unstable to the extent of wanting to downsize, this fear of poverty and the unknown could become emotionally paralyzing.

A story is told of an employee of a bank who was retrenched along with other staff during a downsizing exercise. And guess what? The man committed suicide.

You would do well to begin to develop a financial and time plan to take you out of paid employment so that your health would not adversely affected. Beautiful enough, when you are your own boss doing your own business that requires less of your physical presence and attention, your health is better for it and ultimately, you will earn more income to take good care of yourself and your loved ones in the long run.

This is why your plan should be vision for a business that requires less of your attention as it expands with capable hands employed to run it. You should also apply yourself to learn the subtle skills required to seek, identify and employ capable hands to run your business.

It is achievable, if you would just apply yourself to it.



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