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Author Topic: Rise Fall Binary Options Scalping Sure Winning Scalper Strategies  (Read 8064 times)

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Video released on April , 4th 2019. watch Strategy video below


Sign up for free trading account to try on demo .using the link below

RULES <<use the webtrader,Open volatility index 50 index set durations 2minutes, Also Open
Volatility 50 indices chart, choose the indicator bollinger bands under momentum indicators,
set to ticks, move the down chart closer to right, and applying settings in the video!
select rise when move goes far down/ select fall when movement goes far up!
watch the indicator movement up and quickly click on purchase >> Click view trade,
                 Click Sell at market when price changed to profit.
         Note that you must be fast when clicking sell at market price once in profit
                             This is to avoid slight price changes.
         Note - make sure your browser and flashplayer plugin is updated,
                             and also run fast internet connection!

Subscribe to this youtube channel for more winning videos!!

      Read trading tutorials>>join our forum



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