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Author Topic: Star Disses 50 Cent And G-Unit, Responds To Tone Trump Beef  (Read 267 times)

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Star Disses 50 Cent And G-Unit, Responds To Tone Trump Beef
« on: November 02, 2014, 01:28:07 PM »

Star criticizes 50 Cent and G-Unit's decision to perform at a benefit concert for homeless LGBT youth.

After Philadelphia emcee Tone Trump fired off on Star in an interview with Thisis50 last week, the Shot97 host took to his own show to respond and throw harsh words not only at the rapper but at Thisis50, G-Unit, and 50 Cent himself.

Last week, Tone Trump joked about Star?s fall from grace and said, ?I?m such a fan of the culture, I?m one of his three listeners...Ya?ll need to get him a job though, he look like he doing bad...He got them old-ass plaques behind him. Same two callers everyday. It?s the same nigga calling you. If I was lying nobody would be laughing.?

Trump went on to recount the origins of his beef with the former radio-show host.

?We got personal history though,? he said. ?He was doing radio in Philly for like three-and-a-half weeks before they fired him. He brought me on for the morning show. But Star a real one. Star can handle it. He done shot plenty shit about me. So this is my little chance to shoot back. He look like he Facetiming on his [show]. I respect Star, Star?s a legend. But I been waiting. That nigga set me up so good one time on Philly morning radio. The whole city was tuned in ?cause it was the first time they really let somebody from the street come on the morning show. He set me up crazy on some beef shit I had with some fuckboy at the time, whatever. He went in on me. Nobody brings him because nobody?s heard from him for like 22 years but ya?ll brought him up, I ain?t bring him up.?

In a show from last week, Star responded to the insults and explained that it was his cousin Gossip Viv that informed him of the latest diss from Trump.

?Viv called me to say Tone Trump was coming at me,? Star said. ?I said, ?Okay, when is this going to be loaded up?? You did your little edit job. Your shit?s not streaming nowhere. You?re a fucking big garbage can. What?d you think? You thought you just were just going to put a clip up on me, and I?m just going to say, ?Ha ha. ThisIs50. G-Unit.? Motherfuck you! Fuck the whole system you got up there. You niggas make about as much money as a Burger King worker with the exception of the fact that a Burger King worker gets a fucking holiday bonus.

Star also went at 50 Cent and G-Unit, questioning their decision to perform at a Cyndi Lauper spearheaded ?Home For The Holidays? benefit concert for homeless LGBT youth.

?50 and G-unit are headlining some fucking gay-lesbian concert,? he said. ?The fuckery that G-Unit is now doing.?

Star made sure to clarify that he has no issues with his cousin Viv or ThisIs50 cohost Hynaken. ?Respect to Hynaken and Viv,? he said. ?Again, I didn?t come at them. I fucks with them heavy.?


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