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Author Topic: Donald Trump Blames Both Sides for Racial Violence at Virginia Rally  (Read 245 times)

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[size=78%]President Donald Trump on Tuesday vigorously defended what many say was a weak initial statement condemning Saturday's deadly racial violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, saying there is enough guilt and blame on both sides.[/size]

[/size][size=78%]Trump's critics say it took him two days to use the words neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists when condemning the riots that left a young woman and two Virginia state policemen dead and dozens hurt.[/size]

[/size][size=78%]Standing in New York City's Trump Tower while reporters' questions echoed throughout the lobby, Trump said he did not have "all the facts" when he made his first statement shortly after the riots Saturday in Charlottesville.[/size]

[/size][size=78%]He said wanted to make sure what he was saying was correct and not just come out with a political statement.[/size]

[/size][size=78%]Trump said Monday's more detailed statement was made with "great knowledge."[/size]

[/size][size=78%]In a heated debate with what he again called the "fake media," Trump labeled the counterdemonstrators the "alt-left" who had no permit to march and came at the far right marchers with clubs, ready to fight.[/size]

[/size][size=78%]He said not all of those on the far right were neo-Nazis and white nationalists, saying some were "very fine people" who came to Charlottesville to protest the city's plans to tear down a statue of Civil War Confederate General Robert E. Lee.[/size]

[/size][size=78%]He dodged a reporter's question on whether he believes the Lee statue should remain by reminding her that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson -- both regarded as American heroes and progressives -- were slave owners.[/size]



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