Author Topic: Huawei vows to Destroy the iPhone 8  (Read 213 times)

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Huawei vows to Destroy the iPhone 8
« on: July 31, 2017, 12:14:07 AM »

Huawei is aiming for the stars with its new smartphones and judging from how fast it became the world’s third biggest phone manufacturer, Samsung and Apple have every reason to always keep an eye on what their Chinese rivals are doing.

Cupertino, in particular, has recently been put in Huawei’s cross-hair, as the company wants its future Mate 10 to absolutely destroy the iPhone 8, despite all the huge upgrades that Apple is said to be planning on its flagship device.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Huawei's CEO Richard Yu explained that his company is currently finalizing the new Mate 10 and the features it’ll bring will make everyone forget about the iPhone 8.

“We will have an even more powerful product. The Mate 10, which has much longer battery life with a full-screen display, quicker changing speed, better-photographing capability and many other features that will help us compete with Apple,” he said.


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