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Author Topic: iPhone 8 to Be Slower than Samsung S8 - Report  (Read 323 times)

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iPhone 8 to Be Slower than Samsung S8 - Report
« on: June 12, 2017, 12:44:21 AM »

Appleís legal dispute with Qualcomm is very close to making its biggest victim yet, with Cupertino now said to be planning a limitation on its upcoming iPhone 8 that would essentially make gigabit data speeds unavailable on the new handset.

A report coming from Bloomberg and citing people close to the matter reveals that Samsung is very close to beating Apple over gigabit data speeds, as models like the S8 are already supporting it, while iPhones will lack it for at least another year. And itís all because of the legal dispute against Qualcomm.

Gigabit data speeds will become available in the United States later this year, as the largest carriers in the country, including AT&T and Verizon, have already confirmed plans to adopt the new technology.

In their turn, manufacturers are also preparing to embrace the new generation of wireless data, and the first to do it was Samsung, whose Galaxy S8 features a modem that can reach speeds nearly 50 times faster than today, if carriers allow it.

Faster chips coming on iPhones next year
Apple will also install the new modems on its 2017 iPhones, but because of the lawsuit, the new handsets will come with modems developed by both Qualcomm and Intel. But because Intelís modems do not feature gigabit speeds and Apple wants to prepare for a strategy without Qualcomm, the speed of the faster chips would be limited to offer the same performance on all iPhones.

This means that although the Qualcomm modems would be dramatically faster than Intelís, all would offer the same speeds, and itís only because Apple wants to loosen dependence on Qualcomm. Until Intel develops a modem capable of gigabit speeds, which is likely to happen for the next-generation iPhone coming in 2018, Apple wonít match the performance of its Samsung rival.

Apple, however, doesnít seem to be at all concerned that its new iPhone wonít offer gigabit speed, as history has proved that although its models are late to offering faster data speeds, they were still successful.

The original iPhone that launched in 2007 lacked 3G support, while 4G speeds were only adopted in 2012, one year after Samsung, with sales not at all impacted by the difference in terms of wireless data speeds.



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