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The Art is sacred: it is the Art of the working of energies, and it must always be taught inside of the Magic Circle. It has been found that teaching the Art frequently leads to a sexual attraction between the teacher and student -- and that this often improves the result.
If for any reason this is not desirable, it should be avoided at the beginning by both persons firmly - and verbally - resolving that their relations will be limited to that of brother and sister, or parent and child. It is for the reason that shared love often increases the result of working magic
that teaching should always be done from man-to-woman and from woman-to-man. When a coven is made up of members of all one sex, the masculine-to-feminine energy exchange should be adhered to whenever possible. Teaching people about the Craft, however, may be done whenever and wherever it is safe,
so long as the teacher is knowledgeable, the student is willing, and the information taught is available publicly or is not a secret of the Art. No-one may charge for teaching, unless it is to cover such expenses as the cost of the room, books or other printed materials, refreshments, and so forth.

Author Topic: Google Roll Out Games to Help Kids Learn About Online Safety  (Read 2590 times)

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The Internet is a wonderful place, but it can also be a dangerous one to be in, especially for children. That's why Google has launched a new project called Be Internet Awesome, which seeks to teach children to make smart decisions online.

Most of us got at least a few decades to live our lives offline, or, at the very least, without social networks around. Kids nowadays will live their entire lives in cyberspace, leaving traces behind them as they go, which makes it that much more important that they know how to be safe online.

Be Internet Awesome is a program that helps children learn about the dangers of the online world and how to protect themselves. The project involves clever online games, as well as lengthy curriculum for teachers and school and videos for parents to watch alongside kids.




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