Author Topic: Motorola to Roll out an Android Tablet Featuring Productivity Mode  (Read 373 times)

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Motorola is known to be working on new Moto Z2 smartphones, but it seems that those aren’t the only devices that the company is currently developing. According to Android Police, Motorola intends to release a tablet, one that would feature a so-called “Productivity Mode.”

The new Productivity Mode on Motorola’s tablet would allow users to pin apps to the navigation bar and thus switch from one app to another in an easier way. Therefore, users would no longer have to access the multitasking menu, and they will thus navigate more easily on the tablet.

To close a certain application, users would simply need to long press and drag the icon upwards. Apps that aren’t closed will continue to work in the background, thus taking up memory. A visual characteristic of Productivity Mode is that it moves all navigation buttons to one side of the screen, so that users would access them more easily.

In addition, the App Drawer would have a dedicated button on the navigation bar. Productivity Mode would be enabled by default, but users will be able to disable it if they wish. The Productivity Mode was also featured on Lenovo’s Yoga Book that arrived last year.



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