Author Topic: 4 Easy Ways To Remove Toxins From Your Body Naturally  (Read 110 times)

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4 Easy Ways To Remove Toxins From Your Body Naturally
« on: November 12, 2016, 10:32:06 AM »

To aid the body in detoxing naturally means getting rid of unhealthy substances/toxins which are present in water, food and in the air (smoke, fumes and other substances that pollute the air).

It’s not uncommon to see people detoxing with ‘special teas’ and ‘diets’ usually for a period that lasts for just a bit instead of detoxing as a habit and way more regularly- which is great to support liver functions as well keep the body running in the natural way its supposed to.Detoxing primarily helps to keep the eyes and skin glowing on the outside and from the inside; boosts energy level as well as aid digestion and general wellbeing.

There are natural ways to detoxify the body on a regular basis instead of waiting on it to ‘malfunction’ before trying to:

1. Lemon water
Lemon is great for detoxifying/aids detox from inside out. Lemon is loved for its alkaline properties which helps in the production of bile for the liver which in turn helps maintain the body’s PH balance keeping digestion smooth and the body running perfectly.

2. Water
Water is the commonest and easiest way to get rid of toxins in the body. Clean water aids the digestive process which in turn is great for metabolism. Drinking water first thing in the morning before eating helps a lot. Taking water at intervals every day is a great way to detoxify (and this costs next to nothing).

3. Green tea
Green tea is loaded with fat burning hormones which is great for boosting body metabolism. It also works for the general health of the body. They come in different variants including herbals which are best.

4. Oil Pulling
Oil pulling helps to detoxify the body and stimulates the hormones as well as the body metabolism which in turn induces weight loss.

Oil pulling is also great for teeth whitening apart from improving overall health.  It’s simply swishing oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for a few minutes and then spit it out.



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