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Author Topic: Scientist Discovers New Surgical Techniques that Relieve Pain from Spinal Injury  (Read 705 times)

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Being in a wheelchair has never slowed Jon Forbes down. But for 14 years after his spinal cord injury, Forbes says something else nearly broke his will to live. It was pain - electric shocks of pain - in areas of his body that were paralyzed. “It was horrible. Excruciating. And it never stopped," he recalled. "You wake up, it’s there. All day, it’s there. You go to bed, it’s there. ”

According to the World Health Organization, roughly 25 million people around the world live with a spinal cord injury. The injuries are well-known for causing paralysis and difficulty with using legs and hands. Less recognized is the common side effect Forbes described -- neuropathic pain, which creates feelings of electric shocks and stabs in parts of the body that no longer have regular sensation. In roughly 10 percent of cases, this neuropathic pain can be so relentless, victims consider suicide. Forbes did.

“I had tried pretty much every kind of drug, tried exercise, tried you name it. Anything and everything to try and get this pain to stop. And it wouldn’t. And I was working at an investment bank and decided this was it." He starts to tear up as he remembers that time of his life. "Quit my job, and decided, this was going to be the end. I just couldn’t take it.”

But then, he learned about a Denver neurosurgeon who uses spinal surgery to stop so-called “suicidal pain.”



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