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Author Topic: 15 surprising things you can do with Coca-Cola – aside drinking it  (Read 120 times)

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When Coca-Сola is mentioned, what comes to your mind? A sweet, chilled soft drink that can quench your thirst, perhaps?

What you probably didn’t know is that your favourite carbonated candy can be used for a lot more than just drinking.

Here are 15 other things this sweet drink is useful for.

1. Take rust off

Do you have a rusted metal surface you would like to clean? How about pouring some Coke on it. The trace amounts of phosphoric acid are enough to corrode rust and keep your metal surface like bicycle spokes and car bumper looking like new.

Side note: Use tin foil to rub the Coke into the rust and watch it disappear.

2. Get out blood stains

Got some blood on an article of clothing? Sprinkle a can of Coke in with your regular laundry detergent and water, and wait for the magic to happen.

3. Remove grease

If you have cookware which had been covered in grease and soapy water is not working, soak the greasy spots in some coke and let it sit for about a half hour.

4. Fix your car battery

When you have some car battery issues like a dirty battery terminal, the acidity of Coca-Cola is just enough to clean the oxidized terminals.

5. Loosen bolts that are stuck

It can be very frustrating when you have stuck bolts. Applying coke can help. The phosphoric acid will react with the rust and free those pesky bolts.

6. Get chewing gum out of your hair

Having to deal getting gum out of your hair with minimal damage can be a challenge. Coke can help you out here too. Simply drizzle some Coca-Cola into your hair. The ingredients in the Coke will break down the gum. It also works if you have gum stuck on your shoes.

7. Reduces pain from bug bites and stings

Next time you get stung by a bee or bitten by an insect (or jellyfish’s tentacle!) pour some Coke on the bite/sting to neutralize the pain.

8. Clean windows and mirrors

Those delicious acids found in coke work incredibly well on grimed up windows and mirrors. Just rinse it off with water so no sticky residue gets left behind.

9. Clean your toilet

If you run out of toilet cleaner, a can of Coke will work wonders on your toilet. Literally just dump a can into the toilet bowl, let it sit for about an hour then give it a good scrub. You will be rewarded with a sparkling toilet bowl.

10. Polish jewelry

If you want to breathe new life into your old jewelry. dip your precious metals in a glass of Coke and let them sit overnight. Give them a light scrub the next morning with an old rag and they’ll look like new.

11. Kill snails

The acid in Coca Cola can be harmful to things like slugs and snails.

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12. Clean tiles

Simply pour some coke on the tiles, leave for a few minutes then wipe off.

13. Clean burnt pots, pans, and kettles

Soak your pans in coke, then rinse. Same goes for kettle and pots.

14. Remove dye

Did you know you can remove or fade dye on your hair by pouring coke all over it? Cool, huh?

15. Removes marker stains

If you have marker stains on a surface like your clothes, for instance, applying cock then scrubbing and cleaning with soapy water will remove them.

Source: http://nigerianewstoday.com.ng/15-surprising-things-you-can-do-with-coca-cola-aside-drinking-it/



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