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A while ago scientists did tests with water and ice. People prayed over the substances and those changed their structure for better. The water properties became amazing and even healing. Now, they run the test with the human blood!

We know prayer is a powerful tool given to us by God. But what does it do to our bodies? Are there any visible or measurable effects? One scientist from Ukraine decided to find out for sure.
He took blood samples from several people. Then they went to church to pray and worship. In 30 minutes he ran the tests again taking the blood affected by prayer. What he discovered is amazing!

Some samples provided before the prayer shows signs of inflammation and infection in the body. They disappeared or were significantly reduced after the prayer! The quality of blood and its ability to fight infection changes, when we pray and worship God!

It means prayer literally has the healing effect. Plus, we get peace in our souls and get rid of the stress, which also positively affects body and human blood! So, pray away!




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