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Author Topic: How to naturally cure diabetes for good  (Read 484 times)

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How to naturally cure diabetes for good
« on: October 19, 2016, 08:01:52 PM »

Growing up, I was relatively healthy in the early part of my life, as attending the hospital or seeing a medical doctor was, on the whole, nonexistent. The common cold that I would occasionally have was treated with over-the-counter drugs, like paracetamol, although that fact may also reveal my poor economic background.

This period of not going to the doctor actually ranged from my pre- school up to secondary school ages. It was not until I gained admission into university that I had the opportunity of meeting medical doctors at the school medical facilities for treatment of illnesses, like the common cold that is usually associated to academic and physical stress.

However, the end of my university education in August 2004 marked the beginning of a new turn in my personal health. About a month after leaving the school to prepare for the compulsory national service, strange changes started occurring in my body. The noticed changes, though I did not pay serious attention to them, included excessive craving for water and increased frequent urination. The other change was loss of weight. The curiosity of people about my sudden loss of weight prompted me to visit a drug store where I could not get a good explanation. I then visited a neighborhood clinic where I was wrongly diagnosed.

At this point, my condition was getting worse and I decided to visit a government primary health facility. At the hospital I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, as my fasting blood sugar test read over 300mg/dl. I was then referred to a secondary health institution where I met a diabetician and was fully diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 27. I was put on insulin injections at that time. The cause of my diabetes was not understood, though I was told that it could be hereditary, but there is no diabetes in my family history.

Living with diabetes has exposed me to some awful and embarrassing experiences of hypoglycemia, erectile dysfunction the major side effect of insulin, on several occasions. I have passed out at public places on different occasions before getting rescued at hospitals. And I have had several embarrassing situations in social and work gatherings due to disorientation or confusion. Moreover, depending on insulin has brought a financial burden on me, since it has become necessary for me to secure all the medications and materials I need on my own. Being diabetic has also brought some negative psychological effects on me. For example, my social life is affected seriously, as dining in social gathering is sometime embarrassing, especially when I have to reject some certain foods.

I started looking out for solution to my problem since my whole life is about to crash if I donít find a solution. I need something that can cure it FINALLY, Something that will take care of it Once and For ALL. This continued until sometimes ago when I come across the solution that changed my life.

A final Solution to the problem that almost ruined my life and also made me waste thousands of naira for years.
I met an Indian man while i was on a business trip to Abuja, who introduce two mega diabetes killer Herbal drugs to me and it was Nafdac certified, i canít believe it after much ado i was able to Finally lay my hand on it.

The two mega Diabetes killer drug name is Magilim and Golden six both are Nafdac certified, it Treats- Diabetes Type 1, Type 2, Chronic Atrophic Gastris, Blood Sugar and Thirsty feeling
YES 100%

As surprisingly, it may sound, Yes and is a final solution ,its 100% herbal you can feel the taste in your mouth and the most astonishing part is it has no Side Effect,After just 7 weeks of usage i went to hospital to meet my doctor to carry out test, Dr Adebayo canít believed the result, that have been actually cured of diabetes, i was asked to take another test which i did and the result remains that have won this battle against my worst nightmare, the whole staffs and doctors were amazed and i was asked how i did it, i told them about the herbal drug, and how i come across it.

After battling Diabetes for 10 years, to be finally be cured is a blessing, I now feel like a new born, my social life has been fantastic, I donít have to worry about what to eat, sides effect from the usage of insulin and other diabetes drug.

Six months after have been cured and my Doctors sees that there is no complication whatsoever they told me to help them get the drugs, so as to recommend for other patients too. over 50 people have help to get this drug for and all have been cured of diabetes.

Notice: The Body Metabolism is not the same, therefore the weeks and quantity of jars taken by each person differ from each other.

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